Tupperware Microwaveable Divided Lunch Box Tiffany Colour 1L


Tupperware Microwaveable Divided Lunch Box Tiffany Colour 1L

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Reheatable Divided Lunch Box (1)

This easy-to-reheat, microwave-friendly lunch box comes with a vent and an adjustable divider for your favourite dishes.

Capacity: 1 L
Dimension: 24.0cm (L) x 15.7 cm (W) x 6.2cm (H)

Microwaveable Cooking Tips
 Avoid over-filling container with food to ensure food does not touch the seal when reheating. This may cause potential
  damage to the seal.
 Never use non-microwaveable containers or wraps as you may encounter toxic release.
 All microwaveable products are not intended for cooking - use them to microwave, reheat previously cooked food,
  to desired serving temperatures.
Reheating instructions
  • Pop open vent cap before placing in microwave oven. Do not close vent cap immediately after reheating.
  • If reheating takes more than 5 minutes, stop occasionally to remove seal and stir for even reheating.
Use and care
  • Not intended for cooking, but to reheat previously cooked food to desired serving temperatures.
  • When dividing into portions, remember fill-line indicates maximum capacity.
For over 60 years, Tupperware has been synonymous with high-quality, world-class
products that are convenient, durable, innovative, environment-friendly and most of all,

All our products are made from non-toxic, non-carcinogenic materials and do not
release harmful chemicals to food or liquid contents. Tupperware products have
passed stringent tests to ensure they are food-grade safe, thus following you to use
them with peace of mind every time.
Microwaveable FAQsimage
imageI read that plastic products aren't microwave-safe. What about Tupperware?
imageWe are aware of confusing reports about the use of plastic products. We can assure you that all Tupperware products meet or surpass Federal Government safety standards in each country they are sold.

Tupperware uses material strictly meant for microwave use and adheres to stringent regulations imposed by worldwide bodies, including the Toxic Substances Control Act Inventory (TSCA) in the US, the European Inventory of Existing Chemical Substances (EINECS) and the Japanese Invenotry (ENCS)
imageI've heard something about plastic containers containing dioxins which are dangerous when used in the microwave. Is it true?
imageHealth and safety are priorities at Tupperware. Tests have shown that there is no indication that Tupperware food storage, preparation and serving containers contain dioxins and no reason to believe that dioxins could be present in these products. 

Rest assured, you can use Tupperware products with peace-of-mind. For over 6 decades, millions of households the world over can attest to that!
imageAre all Tupperware products safe for microwave use?
imageAll products designed for microwave use are labeled on the bottom and the seal with the words 'Microwave Re-heatable' or 'Microwave Cooking'.
imageWhat about using Tupperware products not designated for microwave use?
imageThough there are no known health risks, we strongly recommend that you use only products specifically designed for microwave use.

Using the appropriate product not only results in optimal performance but also prevents product damage. The high heat generated by foods in a microwave oven can melt or warp non-microwave safe materials. More importantly, this damage poses a safety hazard that can cause accidents & injuiries to the user.
Microwaveable FAQs

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Tupperware Microwaveable Divided Lunch Box Tiffany Colour 1L

Tupperware Microwaveable Divided Lunch Box Tiffany Colour 1L

Tupperware Microwaveable Divided Lunch Box Tiffany Colour 1L

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